A Troll’s Fairy Tale

UnbenanntGet the game for free here

The story is about our heroine Acacia, a troll, so she’s not exactly the most beautiful princess in the world. She’s 25 years old but still hasn’t found the man of her dreams and her mom’s getting naggy about marriage. She’s got a younger sister Alaqua, and when they were younger, their father ran away with some fairy homewrecker. Due to this her mom wants her to marry some rich guy but Acacia wants to marry for love – like in a fairy tale. In fact she figures the best way to snag a man is through his stomach so she improves cooking skills every day working at a bakery with her mother.


The story has two characters for choice, Damine and Edavine ^^


Damine’s Path:


  • There’s no time for that just ignore her.
  • Go ahead and stay and just ignore them.
  • The spot by the pond should be quiet enough



Edavine’s Path:


  • Grab something around to wrap your hair up quick.
  • Get up and leave.
  • Sitting by the faerie’s oak trees might be nice.


☆゚ I give it 9/10 Stars ☆゚


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